Learn to read and improve comprehension skills.

How can teachers (or parents) provide young students with reading practice at home?

How do emerging readers practice comprehension when the main focus of their reading is decoding?

How do teachers provide interesting reading that can be taken home to provide extra practice or get the number of copies that they need?

What if a book that not only helped students with sight words, but also provide instant assessment with comprehension?

I have been working on a solution.

I have created as series of easy-to-read books that are also high interest and interactive.  These books are written by a teacher with a love of children’s literature.

It is my goal to provide teacher’s with printable books that capture the imagination of students while also providing comprehension practice for students

It can be difficult to find materials that all students have access to, so teachers turn to printable books.  These books have a problem…

They provide sight word practice for students, but they do not build comprehension skills in emerging readers.

Bot 1.0 requires students to read and color for comprehension!  It’s interactive reading!  It’s fun! It works!


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