FREE first grade reading book for sight words, fry words, short o


If you teach reading, a resource has been created that you must try if…

….you are looking for a way to help kids practice their sight words while also building critical comprehension skills!

…you need MORE reading resources to keep student occupied and engaged while you work with students!

…you are looking for a great READ-to-SOMEONE activity for your Daily Five Program!

…you’re a parent look to practice decoding reading skills while also laying the fundamental skills for comprehension!


There is a new book series designed specifically for students learning to read, but it is unlike any other book…

It’s high-quality!

It’s interactive!

It’s interesting!

It’s fun!

It’s creative!

Have you been looking for a way for kids to practice their popcorn words in an authentic, engaging way?

There are three more things about this book that make it perfect for kids learning those high-frequency words….

It’s printable!

Students can write on it!

And best of all….

It’s FREE!




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