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CAPTURE the CHANGE is a one-of-a-kind math game with built it self-monitoring and self-checking to build critical math skill practice. Students won’t even know they are learning!


This resource is perfect for

Guided math
Math centers
Whole class instruction
Second-Language Learners
Building math vocabulary
Making Change
and more!

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3 Leveled Game Boards
Bank Boards
Teachers Guide
SPY and CAPTURE self-monitoring guide
Mathic Organizers
Follow Up Questions for deeper thinking!


This resource is design by a math teacher who wanted to BOOST achievement with struggling students while also enriching high-flyers. Worksheets just weren’t cutting it!

This printable resource will help teachers use games as the foundation
of a learning experience that can remediate, challenge and enrich all levels
of students.

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Numeracy is a critical building block for student success with math. All students need concrete practice with number concepts before they can move to more abstract levels of math.

This math activity engages students while giving them concrete practice inventing their own adding and subtracting strategies and developing number sense.

Three Coded Levels of Learning:

You will find three versions of the game Capture the Change in your
download. These games provide differentiation for the students in your class. Look for the money bags on each game board. The more bags that are on the board, the more challenging the game will be for students.

Level 1: Numbers at this level have been simplified. In addition to this, there is a symbolic guide that unlocks the meaning of the vocabulary for ELL students.

Level 2: The code is removed at this level. In addition, students are required to do more complex addition and subtraction.

Level 3: This is the most challenging level of addition and subtraction. This level is great practice for mental math.

Targeted Math Vocabulary:

The game board is designed to give students practice with math vocabulary.

Students will encounter addition and subtraction synonyms that are common
in math textbooks and on state assessments. The game provides repeated
practice with vocabulary to scaffold student learning and unlock word meanings
through gamification.

Follow Up Activity:
The open-ended questions in the follow up activity challenge all students to
think deeply and reflect on their learning. Teachers can use this activity, as
well as informal observations, to assess student understanding. It will quickly
become apparent which students have trouble with fundamental numeracy
skills. For struggling students, more practice with concrete objects is essential
before moving to more abstract concepts. If students continue to struggle,
one of the best ways to remediate and build numeracy skills is to use some of
the base ten block games that you can find on my website.

Go Deeper:
True understanding takes time and repeated practice. This repeated practice is
built into the game Capture the Change. A follow up writing activity is
provided for students to reflect on their learning. It is recommended that
students play a few games before completing this activity. It can also be
helpful for students play the game after they have answered the questions.
The game can easily be used as a week long center activity and then used again
throughout the year as reinforcement.

Teaching Through Games
I don’t use games in my classroom because they are fun. Any teacher with a few years of experience will tell you that some games are useless for real learning. The games I use in class challenge kids to apply the things they are learning. I use them because they work. Games are a powerful learning tool, all the latest brain research supports the effective use of games in education.

It is my goal to create games that are true learning tools. Games shouldn’t be regulated to fun fridays or special occasions. However, many teachers have difficulty using games to effectively hit specific learning objectives. The goal of this resource (and the resources on my site) is to help teachers to use games as the foundation of a learning experience that can remediate,
challenge and enrich all levels of students.

Before purchasing this game, please note that these supplies are needed:

Note: Fewer supplies are needed for two players!

Play Money
(approximate amounts):

10-$10 bills
20-$5 bills
20-$1 bills
20 Quarters
10 Dimes
10 Nickels
20 Pennies (for challenge version only)

Other items needed:
1 Dice
1 Marker for each player

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