Sight Word Sillies: COMICS that IMPROVE READING

Teachers and parents struggle to find sight word reading materials that engage their kids and provide independent reading practice!

The FOREST of SILLY TREES is a high-interest CARTOON specifically designed by a teacher to help students build the skills they need to be successful while also fostering a love of reading.  The book was developed by an Academic Intervention Specialist  with more than 19 years of teaching experience.

It has everything beginners need to become fluent readers:

  • Failure FREE sight word practice!
  • Bright engaging illustrations!
  • Cartoon format that scaffolds the text for understanding!
  • Clutter free design specifically for beginning readers!
  • Repetitive text for sight word memorization!
  • Lovable cast of characters!

If you are looking for great reading books for kids, you might also want to check out Volume 1 of my book, BOT!  This book takes sight word reading to the next level by adding a unique coloring for comprehension component to reading.  This book is POWERFUL for reading comprehension skills!