TEACHER’S #1 Pick AWARD For Sentence Structure

Teaching About Subjects and Predicates?

Teaching About Subjects and Predicates?

Free SENTENCE STRUCTURE Puzzles that Boost Creative Thinking!

I had a problem…

I needed an engaging way for my students to see the parts of a sentence.

But, I was faced with a problem…

How can I teach sentence structure without boring students to tears?

After all, teaching the parts of speech, predicates and subjects can get a little dull.

Then I stumbled upon a unique way to teach sentence structure…

These new approach helped me to be able to teach a lot of “boring” grammar topics in an interesting way:

What makes a complete sentence?

What is a fragment?

What are the parts of speech?

I wanted something to help me teach all these language ideas, but I also wanted something that was fun and challenging.

So, I came up with sentence structure puzzlers!

Teaching About Subjects and Predicates?

Teaching About Subjects and Predicates?

Using these simple puzzles I can teach a lot of important concepts…

Statements versus questions!

What is the subject of a sentence?

What is a predicate?

How are commas used?

What is a command?

Can a sentence start with and?

And more…

The sentence structure puzzlers are a unique combination of a puzzle and a sentence structure lesson.

The activity looks deceptively simple, but you’ll even find yourself challenged to make sentences that work!

Here’s how it helps students learn:

Students struggle to form sentences using simple grids that limit the form of the sentence.  It is sort of like a crossword puzzle with words!

As students struggle to uses nouns, verbs and adjectives that work to build real sentences,  they explore ideas in grammar.

Students will laugh and learn as they attempt to construct a complete thought.

During this process…

There will be a lot of teachable moments as students try to prove their sentences are correct!

It is this challenge that makes the activity a winner!

Students will have the chance to get into some friendly controversy…

Is you sentence a complete sentence?

What’s missing?

Does it have a verb?  A noun?

This activity is a great launching pad for understanding grammar or can be used as a easy fun ELA center activity.  It can also work as a warm up activity for a fun lesson on writing complete sentences.

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I hope you find them useful, MB!